The programs help thousands of low-income individuals, children, families, seniors, and veterans throughout the state each year.

Apply for legal aid. Over 8,000 low-income families in our area need legal assistance each year but can’t hope to afford it.

The Court will have to agree it is in the interest of justice that you should be given legal aid for your case.

16 August 2014.

For a listing of legal service providers by county, see the Referral Directory for Low-Income Texans (PDF). The Legal Aid Board is establishing a panel of solicitors to provide services to legally aided persons on foot of the 2015 Act. .


Post your completed form to GPO Box 2449 Brisbane, QLD 4001, hand deliver to your nearest Legal Aid Office or e-mail to submit. Lawyers, costs and legal aid; Applying to court; Which court? Family law duty lawyer; Applying for parenting orders;. This page provides information on getting help to pay for legal costs for family matters.

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Family and civil legal aid applications and inquiries: Phone: 902-368-6656 (Charlottetown) Phone: 902-888-8066 (Summerside) Published date:. .

Legal aid may be available to make an application or respond to an application for a contravention of parenting orders. m.

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You can also contact your local Citizen's Advice Bureau, Law Centre or Advice Centre.


We aren't a hotline which means that we must screen all applicants before help can be provided.

You may apply for family legal aid even if your spouse or former partner has already applied. . .

CLS has an intake process that all applicants must complete. Apply by mail or in office: Complete and sign an Application for Disabled Person Placard or Plates (REG 195). . . . If you don't resolve your matter through mediation (or another type of dispute resolution), use this form to apply to court for a court order.

350 chargeable hours of family law.

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chartered legal executive.

Legal aid is means tested, so you may be asked to pay some of the cost yourself.


The Court will have to agree it is in the interest of justice that you should be given legal aid for your case.