Pressing the drain button will remove water from the reservoir,so the unit can be safely moved or stored.

Jul 5, 2021 · AlorAir Sentinel HDi100 whole house dehumidifier 220 pints at saturation, 100 pints at AHAM.

9 gallons (120 pints) of water per day. Sentinel HDi100 Sentinel HDi120 Sentinel HDi90 (Duct-able) Sentinel HDi90 Sentinel HD90 Sentinel HD55 ; Water.



. . This Dehumidifier is ideal for dehumidifying your whole home removing,.

It is robust, compact and versatile.

7 Gallons (100 Pints) of Water Per Day, cover 2,900 Sq. search. With its impeccable features, it is sure to yield maximum excess moisture extraction making your living space safe from any harm brought by high humidity.

Dehumidifier with a Pump: Your Sentinel HDi120 is equipped with an integral condensate pump designed to pump water from the dehumidifier out to the desired drain. .

Pint Capacity: 53 pints.


·If you would like to store or move your unit, press the drain button to drain water from the pump reservoir. Subscribe for 3% OFF first order.

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High Performance and Durably Built: This Dehumidifier is Ideal for Dehumidifying your Whole Home and Basement or Sealed Crawl Space Removing up to 15.
It may also help to mitigate damage to inventory and repair of buildings due to dampness.

Remote control equipped.

During normal operation, the HDi120 will automatically drain as required.

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SENTINEL HDi120. . . The remote control easily connects via a 25' CAT 5 cable, contains integrated sensors that monitors surrounding conditions. .


With a 20’ lifting distance, the condensate pump gives you the freedom to drain anywhere. 5.

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Filter Dimension: 13.

Has Condensate Pump – can pump up to 4.


9 gallons (120 pints) of water per day.